Benifits :

  • EZYCable will ease online handheld collection to retrieve online data with better security along with receipt generation for better monitoring.
  • The solution will help update collected payments in real time for instant and updated reports
  • EZYCable will register a complaint through website,SMS or a phone call as well as issue auto unique complaint ticket number along with individual complaint history
  • The solution will help customers open,check and close real-time complaint reports.
  • EZYCable will help maintain and repair expenditure monitoring and reports along with tracking the use of inventory.

Payments :

  • Handheld terminals (HHT) :

    HHT offers spot billing,anytime receipts and is made available both online and offline.
  • Mobile application :

    • Java application
    • Android application
    With these mobile applications the employee of the service provider(Agent) can update the payments received from the subscriber.
  • Online Payment Gateways :

    Subscriber can make their payments very easily by debit card as well as credit card.