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Welcome to Ezycable

ezycable Ezycable is world's first cloud-based software application designed exclusively for cable industry to run Cable Television (CATV) operations effectively and efficiently. Ezycable is SaaS (software as a service) / on-demand software solution offering complete business management suite for local cable operators. Using it, the service providers can maintain all the subscribers details, manage billing, reports, inventory, complaints, packages offered, payments and collections. Importantly, Ezycable offers complete customer relationship management solution to local cable operators by keeping the complete track of their customer's profile, usage behavior, complaints or any customer queries which can be resolved in due time. Ezycable is hosted on the amazon EC2 cloud servers which are highly secure and scalable for security of data and to achieve higher output under any operational load.

It takes less than 10 minutes to set-up Ezycable without any data entry and is the most cost effective solution that local cable operators can use to ease their daily business operation.

If we talk about the solution, it has to be something which is qualitatively good enough to bring value to the business. Whichever business the person is in, the customer relationship management is the most important thing in order to grow and sustain the business. As far as cable industry is concerned,the billing solution should be flexible enough to suit the requirements of the service provider as well as the subscriber. Considering the present scenario and looking at the future, we have come up with a solution called Ezycable which is meant for cable industry and is a perfect solution for billing and management.